Mylos Shell Programs:

setipadr.exe : Set IP Adresse

dir.exe : Show the actual directory

copy.exe : copy file or directory

del.exe :delete file

mkdir.exe :create directory

rd.exe :remove directory

ren.exe :rename file or directory

ipconfig.exe :read actual IP address, subnet and getway address

setrdrv.exe : create the RAM drive

ping.exe :send a Ping

Desktop.exe :simple Desktop

Higraph.exe :Data acquisitionsoftware. With higraph it is possible to read PV's from B&R PLC.

Mpaint.exe :simple drawing program

Zshape.exe :program to create buttons


Mylos window Programs:

shell.exe: easy shell for starting program...

fex.exe: file manager.

dshttp.exe: simple http server.

dsftp.exe: simple ftp server.

ball.exe: graphicdemo for moving graphic.

Reboot.exe: short access for starting shell, file manager , reboot and power off..

Datetime.exe: set date and time.

Edi.exe: simple editor

sysmess.exe: show system messages

hwchk.exe: read PCI-Bus.

ethmon.exe: Ethernet monitor

inst.exe :Installer for MYLOS ( you can create Hardisk partitions)


MS – Windows Shell Programms:

mtcc.exe: C-Compiler for Shell or window applications. This is the modified C-Compiler from Fabrice Bellard (see The programs can be transfere via FTP to the target system.

conbmpc: create from a .bmp file(24 Bit) a .h or .c file with the dots of the pictures. This file can be included in a C program. So it is possible to show any graphic.

Virtuelle Maschine : Actual Mylos is running under Oracle VM.





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